About Us

Precision Design Solutions, LLC (PDS) is a mechanical engineering services company in Upstate New York serving the design and manufacturing industry both locally and nationwide. Specializing in custom mechanical devices, tooling, equipment, and mechanical systems, PDS uses a rigorous design process and state-of-the-art engineering tools to achieve specific, creative, application driven designs.

Mechanical Design Engineer

Jay Reidenbaugh - Mechanical Design Engineer


  • Mechanical Design
  • Product Development
  • Structural Analysis
  • Project Management

Highly motivated, performance driven Mechanical Engineering professional with over 28 years of design and manufacturing experience.


Precision Design Solutions - 3 years

US Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program - 13 Years

Hydrogen Fuel Industry - 5 Years

Manufacturing - 10 + Years


13 years working as a lead design engineer for the US Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program in Upstate New York solidified my skills as an engineer, designer, and structural analyst. During my time there, I led engineering teams assembled from various disciplines in the design of reactor plant components, tooling, and equipment in support of the Program. Working in an environment with absolutely no room for error gave me a critical eye for detail and a strong foundation on which to structure a successful design process.

A desire to move back into the private sector took me to Plug Power, Inc., also in Upstate New York, where I focused exclusively on designing the hydrogen infrastructure Plug Power builds at it’s customer's sites to supply hydrogen to the fuel cells they manufacture. When I left Plug Power to start Precision Design Solutions three years ago, they became my first client. Other clients include Bulldog Energy Providers, NICE America, Mohawk Lifts, DK Lok and others.

Before all of this however, and before my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, I worked in manufacturing and custom fabrication where I built the product instead of designing it. That experience I consider to be one of my most valuable assets.